With the support of our Children’s Foundation of Vaudreuil-Soulanges, a pedagogical camp was set up this summer to support nearly 25 preschool and cycle 1 students in a vulnerable school situation at École Saint-Michel. These students from allophone families took part in this 4-week linguistic bath where a playful approach supported the summer atmosphere.

Two teacher-orthopedagogues accompanied these students in order to maintain their progress in learning the French language during the school year that ended in June 2022.

With frequent, structured, and predictable follow-up, students quickly felt supported and mentored. This allowed them to develop confidence and self-assurance and thus increase their sense of competence. Despite the rigorous nature of the interventions, the children participated in the meetings in a pleasant atmosphere that was conducive to learning. Play and fun were at the heart of many of the planned activities.

By offering a specific service, we have repeatedly observed students who have developed active participation and a willingness to take risks to speak French with confidence.

A significant change in several children was noted at the beginning of the school year. The initiative has helped reduce the effects of the summer slide due to the absence of French practice at home. The children’s confidence in expressing themselves in the French language through this playful approach has improved.

Thank you to the director of Saint-Michel school for this initiative which has been successful. Thank you for sharing this success, which has resulted in greater comfort in learning and speaking French for these 5 to 8 year olds! Thank you to all of you who contributed by supporting us.

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